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Dr. Manouchehr Ganji to PM Erdogan: Come Clean on the $18.5 Billion U. S. transferred to Turkey from Iran


Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan 

In the Name of My Father:

Dr. Manouchehr Ganji’s letter of July 31st to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, chronicles a most interesting event on the Iran/Turkish border, involving the Turkish customs authorities.

It seems that on October 7th, 2008, trucks containing $18.5 billion dollars/U. S., in one hundred dollar bills and 20 tons of gold, were delivered to the Ankara Customs Office.  The largesse was in transit from Iran through Turkey to a destination yet publicly unknown. 

Turkish independent television station Kanal D quotes Turkish lawyer Senol Ozel as stating that the $18.5 billion is legally owned by an Iranian named Esmael Saffarian-Nessab. Ozel describes his client as a “respected Iranian businessman [who] has transferred the money to Turkey through legal means.” 

Obvious questions abound.  Who really is Esmael Saffarian-Nessab?  Who is he working for?  Whose money is really being transited out of Iran?  For what final destination?  And what do Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Turkish attorney Senol Ozel really know about all of this?  How many players are there, really, in the transfer of $18 billion U. S. across the Iranian-Turkish border?

One thing is sure.  Dr. Ganji is fundamentally correct in his analysis that Mr. Esmael Saffarian-Nessab is not The Lone Ranger in this matter, just as Senol Ozel is not a convincing Tonto on Turkish television.  They are only minor middle men and liaisons in a deal with draconian implications.  We need the full story.  Now.

One other obvious implication of this faux pas.  Someone has decided that the Islamic Republic regime in Iran is no longer a place to keep one’s money.  Is the roof about to collapse?j

Mr. Rafsanjani and the Gnomes of Zurich won’t be talking, for sure.  But perhaps Dr. Manouchehr Ganji’s valiant public demand of accountability from Turkish PM Erdogan will have international intelligence agencies, world banks, and the Iranian people asking all of the right questions.

$18 billion U. S. leaving Iran in the dead of night.  The Mullah regime’s days are numbered.  The atomic clock is ticking.

See Mihanam Iran’s video here.  The text of the Ganji letter to Erdogan follows, below my signature.

Payendeh Iran,

Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan and Janbakhtegan

 Washington, D.C., 31 July 2009
His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Prime Minister of Turkey
Ankara, Turkey
Dear Mr. Prime Minister:
Since three days ago a TV report  from Turkey circulating on the Internet, which is attached herewith, divulged a few months old story of confiscation by Turkey – at the Iran/Turkey  border Customs Office – trucks entering Turkey from Iran for unknown destination, containing 18.5 billion US dollars, in hundred dollar bills and 20 tons of gold. The report stated that the bill of lading showed that the money and the gold belonged to an Iranian by the name of Esmael Safarian-Nassab. Later, reports quoted a Turkish Lawyer by the name of Senol Ozel on the Turkish independent “Kanal D” TV Channel stating that his client Esmael Safarian-Nasab is a “respected Iranian businessman and has transferred the money to Turkey through legal means”.
The Turkish TV report contained a statement by Ozel stating:”The container-load of US dollars and gold bullion was delivered to Ankara Customs Office on October 7, 2008.”
That TV report now circulating on the Internet, of which I attach a copy for your second time viewing, shows the unbelievable stock of hundred dollar bills being counted by Turkish officials and placed on the storage holding racks. It also shows you Mr. Prime Minister addressing a Turkish Official gathering and stating that “this is an indicator of the Turkish Government’s success in attracting foreign capital”.
Now, since the story has fully and internationally surfaced, all kinds of disinformation, coming from Tehran, have begun to circulate. One states that your Government has fully denied the verifiability of the whole story ! Another states that Mr. Safarian-Nasab has asked for all the money and gold to be returned to Iran and yet another refers to the whole thing as nothing but a fabrication !
Excellency, I am sure during all this time you have wondered and asked yourself, how and where could an individual have stored all this money and gold throughout these years? I am sure you have wondered also as to whether this huge wealth in fact belonged to the Iranian people. Time will tell. But until that time on behalf of tens of millions of my compatriots, I respectfully urge you Mr. Prime Minister not to let that money and gold get out of Turkey. It is apparent that it belongs to the people of Iran and one day Turkey must return it to them. I heard today the denial statement by a Minister in your Government. With such documented media coverage, obviously neither you nor anyone else of sound mind would believe such denials.
Please accept Mr. Prime Minister the assurances of my highest considerations.       
Professor Manouchehr Ganji

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